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Breaking Point: A Star Wars Story - srpski SW fan film

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    • By Jestira.
    • By Zmaj Pisum
      Njegova Svetost patrijarh srpski o dešavanjima u eparhijama SPC u SAD, samo je potvrdio da se prošlih meseci vodila besomučna kampanja protiv vladika SPC koji stoluju u eparhijama SPC u Americi, a time i protiv vernika SPC, naše srpske dijaspore.
      Suvišno je sada govoriti ko je vodio takvu kampanju i zašto, pa je stoga i suvišno pozivati se na sve one koji su bili sa razlogom i argumentovano protiv takve kampanje, a doživeli su mnogo neprijatnosti počev od pokušaja diskreditacije, omalovažavanja i vredjanja sve do banovanja na ovom formu. 
      Kao što smo tokom prošlih meseci stalno govorili da nije sve kao što nam se servira, sada smo uvereni, nakon ove izjave Njegove Svetosti, da smo bili u pravu.
      Napokon, približava se majski SASabor pa verujem da će se situacija na njemu iskristalisati, a odluke biti dostupne javnosti, bez skrivanja i motanja u celofan. 
      Neka ova izjava i podsećanje na nemile dogadjaje bude opomena za sve nas, da u buduće diskusije po ovakvim, "škaljivim" temama, budu argumentovane, analitičke uz najveće poštovanje prema svakom mišljenju slagali se mi ili ne sa njime.
    • By Ромејац
      The Priest Who Did Not Want to Serve the Divine Liturgy

      There was once a priest who did not want to serve the Liturgy because it was a cold winter day.
      The temperature was 10 degrees below zero and the priest knew that the only person who was likely to come to the service was the chanter. The priest had no idea about the Church’s teaching on the presence of the Triumphant Church and how the Divine Liturgy benefits the living and the departed. With difficulty he forced himself to go to church. On the way to church he kept wishing that the chanter would not come so that he would not have to serve and go home. However, the chanter did come.
      The priest did the Prothesis (or Proskomedia, the service of preparing the holy gifts) in a hurry and began the Divine Liturgy. Shortly after, some bishops, priests, monks and nuns and some lay people arrived. Most of them sat in the choir section and began to chant so beautifully that the priest forgot about how cold and lonely he was earlier. His whole body was warm and his whole being was all a flame…. When he did the small entrance he noticed that the church was full of people – most of them familiar – he did not pay much attention and just continued with the Divine Liturgy.
      When the time came for the Sanctification of the Holy Gifts he saw three bishops, brightly clothed and radiant entering the Holy Altar. They knelt with him and prayed. The priest then stood up very carefully with fear, took the censer and in a loud voice said,
      ‘Especially our All Holy, Immaculate, Most Blessed and glorious Lady Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary…’.
      The soul of the priest was amazed and filled with divine joy. Peace and heavenly stillness, hesychia, dominated his inner self. When the time came for the elevation and dividing of the Host (Lamb) the whole church filled with the sweetest melodies. The whole multitude of people who were present along with the monks, priests and bishops chanted not only once but many times,
      ‘One is Holy, One is Lord: Jesus Christ, to the glory of God the Father. Amen’.
      Next they chanted the Holy Communion hymn,
      ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good, Alleluia.’
      The priest was wondering what to do. Should he partake of the Holy Communion first or step aside for the three bishops who were present. Just as he was thinking this, one of the bishops nodded to him indicating that he should receive Holy Communion and then to Unify and Place the remaining of the portions of the Lamb into the Chalice along with the portions in memory of the Holy Theotokos and the Saints. Having completed this the priest then opened the Beautiful Gate … and saw no one in the Church… he turned and looked back into the holy altar, he looked to the right, looked to the left, the bishops had disappeared, he stood there speechless, amazed. He slowly opened his mouth and chanted the next petition,
      ‘With the fear of God and faith and love, draw near …,’
      and the chanter slowly drew near to take Holy Communion. The priest was still amazed, still wondering! The whole Triumphant Church was present. All those present in the church were persons familiar to him, they were persons that had departed from this life and he would from time to time commemorate their names during each liturgy:
      ‘that’s why they were present, that’s why they all seemed so familiar’, he thought.
      As for the bishops in the altar they were the Three Hierarchs: Saint John Chrysostom, Saint Basil the Great and Saint Gregory the Theologian.
      So many years of study at university, so much research and so many sleepless nights he spent studying and these efforts were not able to give him not even one drop of the sweetness and divine knowledge that this one Divine Liturgy gave him.
      The Priest Who Did Not Want to Serve the Divine Liturgy | The Truth About the Gospel
      TTATG.WORDPRESS.COM There was once a priest who did not want to serve the liturgy because it was a cold winter day. The temperature was 10 degrees below zero and the priest knew that the only person who was...  
    • By Поуке.орг инфо
      The Brazilian group 'Porta dos Fondos' (Translates to "Back door")  has produced a film titled "The First Temptation of Christ" which depicts Jesus Christ as a homosexual in a clear attack to Christianity as Christmas approaches.
      Using humor and art as an excuse this group has attacked Christianity in an unprecedented manner. They supposedly produced this film as a "Christmas" film for their viewers!
      In this film, they present Christ as having relations with a homosexual and the disciples are alcoholics and unruly. The Virgin Mary is presented as an adulterous woman.
      Until recently the anti-Christian works by Portas Do Fondos were published on their YouTube channel. But this year, Netflix has decided to buy its production and distribution rights in a clear agreement to the group's blasphemous works.
      It is an absolutely unacceptable provocation. No one has the right to attack the faith of millions of people around the world. This type of supposed 'shows' only cause one thing: numbing the population to attacks against Christians.
      That is why we are asking Netflix to remove this brutal attack on Christianity. 
      By signing this campaign, you will be sending an email to the following Netflix executives expressing your disagreement with their film :
      Reed Hastings, founder and CEO of Netflix Jeff Hensien, Head of the Netflix Consumer Service Department Ted Sarandos, Netflix Content Manager For more information:
      Merry Christmas Christians, Here is a gay Jesus-
       Netflix show sparks outrage:
      Ask Netflix to cancel film depicting Jesus as a homosexual!
      WWW.CITIZENGO.ORG Netflix has produced a film depicting Jesus as a homosexual as part of their Christmas messaging which is purely absurd and unacceptable.  
    • By Dominika
      Film trajući skoro pola sata u mitropolitu Ladakijje u Siriji Jovanu (Mansur), kojeg mnogo smatra da je svetac. Umro je prosle godine u aprilu. Film je na arapskom, ali ima titlova na engleskom.

Све поруке на форуму, осим званичних саопштења Српске Православне Цркве, су искључиво лична мишљења чланова форума 'Живе Речи Утехе' и уредништво не сноси никакву материјалну и кривичну одговорност услед погрешних информација. Објављивање информација са сајта у некомерцијалне сврхе могуће је само уз навођење URL адресе дискусије. За све друге видове дистрибуције потребно је имати изричиту дозволу администратора Поука.орг и/или аутора порука.  Коментари се на сајту Поуке.орг објављују у реалном времену и Администрација се не може сматрати одговорним за написано.  Забрањен је говор мржње, псовање, вређање и клеветање. Такав садржај ће бити избрисан чим буде примећен, а аутори могу бити пријављени надлежним институцијама. Чланови имају опцију пријављивања недоличних порука, те непримерен садржај могу пријавити Администрацији. Такође, ако имате проблема са регистрацијом или заборављеном шифром за сајтове Поуке.орг и Црква.нет, пошаљите нам поруку у контакт форми да Вам помогнемо у решавању проблема.

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