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    • Од JESSY,
      moja omiljena mesta...
      jedna od najlepših mi je knjižara-kafeterija Bookastore u ulici Cara Lazara...
    • Од Поуке.орг инфо,
      The Brazilian group 'Porta dos Fondos' (Translates to "Back door")  has produced a film titled "The First Temptation of Christ" which depicts Jesus Christ as a homosexual in a clear attack to Christianity as Christmas approaches.
      Using humor and art as an excuse this group has attacked Christianity in an unprecedented manner. They supposedly produced this film as a "Christmas" film for their viewers!
      In this film, they present Christ as having relations with a homosexual and the disciples are alcoholics and unruly. The Virgin Mary is presented as an adulterous woman.
      Until recently the anti-Christian works by Portas Do Fondos were published on their YouTube channel. But this year, Netflix has decided to buy its production and distribution rights in a clear agreement to the group's blasphemous works.
      It is an absolutely unacceptable provocation. No one has the right to attack the faith of millions of people around the world. This type of supposed 'shows' only cause one thing: numbing the population to attacks against Christians.
      That is why we are asking Netflix to remove this brutal attack on Christianity. 
      By signing this campaign, you will be sending an email to the following Netflix executives expressing your disagreement with their film :
      Reed Hastings, founder and CEO of Netflix Jeff Hensien, Head of the Netflix Consumer Service Department Ted Sarandos, Netflix Content Manager For more information:
      Merry Christmas Christians, Here is a gay Jesus-
       Netflix show sparks outrage:
      Ask Netflix to cancel film depicting Jesus as a homosexual!
      WWW.CITIZENGO.ORG Netflix has produced a film depicting Jesus as a homosexual as part of their Christmas messaging which is purely absurd and unacceptable.  
    • Од Лапис Лазули,
      Ne bih da pokrecem bilo kakve dubiozne politcko crkvene teme i zato sam stavila ovu temu u podforum razbibriga.
      Ali me ipak zaista zanima, kada bi ste se vi pitali da li bi zeleli/smatrali da je korisno,neophodno da se uvede na Liturgiji obavezno pominjanje svih koji su na vlasti? A u cilju toga da se osveste i urazume, oboze tim sveopstim molitvama e da bi nam kao drzavi i narodu svanulo. 
    • Од Dominika,
      Film trajući skoro pola sata u mitropolitu Ladakijje u Siriji Jovanu (Mansur), kojeg mnogo smatra da je svetac. Umro je prosle godine u aprilu. Film je na arapskom, ali ima titlova na engleskom.
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