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real james bond wwii hero dusko popov

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Popov was born in 1912 in Titel, Austro-Hungary (now Serbia) to a wealthy Serbian family. He had an older brother, Ivo (also a double agent during WW II), and a younger brother, Vladan. The Popov family moved to Dubrovnik (now Croatia) when Dusan was very young.

He spoke fluent German and had many highly placed German friends, but he secretly despised the Nazis after earlier unpleasant brushes during his university years in Freiburg.[1]

Signed up as a spy by anti-Hitler Abwehr agents early in the war, Popov, according to their plan, immediately offered his services to the United Kingdom. He was accepted as a double agent and came to live in London. His international business activities provided cover for visits to neutral Portugal, which was linked to the United Kingdom by a weekly civil air service for most of the war. Popov fed enough MI5-approved information to the Germans to keep them happy and unaware of his actions[2] and was well paid for his services. The assignments they gave him were of great value to the British in assessing enemy plans and thinking.[2]

He is famous for the playboy lifestyle he lived while carrying out perilous wartime missions for the British. His codename of Tricycle was given to him because of his penchant for threesome sex.[3]

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There was only one appropriate codename for a playboy double agent who had a penchant for ménage a trois.

But although Agent Tricycle may have come across as an early James Bond-type, he was vital to Britain's intelligence gathering and, some say, the country's most important agent.

Born Dusko Popov, into a wealthy Yugoslavian family in 1912, he was recruited by MI5 to run as a double agent between 1940 and 1944.


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