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Leopold Stokowski

Mussorgsky, Scriabin, Stravinsky

Постављена слика

Artist:  Leopold Stokowski

CD title:  Mussorgsky/Scriabin/Stravinsky

Release date: 1996

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Classical

Time:  01:12:29

Total size: 100 MB (mp3), 377 MB (FLAC)


01. Mussorgsky- Pictures At An Exhibition , Promenade; Gnome.mp3 4:24

02. Mussorgsky- Pictures At An Exhibition , Promenade; The Old Castle.mp3 4:35

03. Mussorgsky- Pictures At An Exhibition , Bydlo.mp3 1:57

04. Mussorgsky- Pictures At An Exhibition , Promenade; Ballet Of The Unhatch ed Chicks.mp3 2:12

05. Mussorgsky- Pictures At An Exhibition , Samuel Goldenberg And Schmuyle.mp3 2:39

06. Mussorgsky- Pictures At An Exhibition , Catacombs.mp3 3:47

07. Mussorgsky- Pictures At An Exhibition , The Hut On Fowl's Legs.mp3 2:46

08. Mussorgsky- Pictures At An Exhibition , The Great Gate Of Kiev.mp3 4:54

09. Scriabin , Le Poeme De L'extase, Op. 54.mp3 19:09

10. Stravinsky , Pastorale.mp3 3:46

11. Stravinsky- The Firebird- Suite , Introduction.mp3 3:29

12. Stravinsky- The Firebird- Suite , Dance Of The Firebird.mp3 1:09

13. Stravinsky- The Firebird- Suite , Round Dance Of The Princesses.mp3 5:42

14. Stravinsky- The Firebird- Suite , Infernal Dance Of King Kastchei.mp3 4:31

15. Stravinsky- The Firebird- Suite , Lullaby.mp3 3:45

16. Stravinsky- The Firebird- Suite , Finale.mp3 3:39

@VBR mp3 & FLAC

Background information:


Mussorgsky, Pictures at an Exhibition, New Philharmonia Orchestra, September 1965

Scriabin, Le Poème de l'extase, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, June 1972

Stravinsky, Pastorale, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, June 1969

Stravinsky, The Firebird Suite, London Symphony Orchestra, June 1967

London/Decca Phase 4 Stereo CD, 1996


Stokowski prepared his own version of Pictures at an Exhibition because he thought Ravel’s standard orchestration sounded too French. Well, Stoky’s is certainly, again, darker and heavier, but it also betrays his impatience, well known from his Bach transcriptions, with holding a scoring beyond a single phrase, or even half-phrase. In other words, the orchestration is self-conscious in its obsessive variety. ... Note that Stokowski left out the two most French movements, “Tuileries” and “Limoges,” and preferred an exceptionally fast tempo for “Bydlo,” whipping the oxcart along at sports-car speeds.




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Byron Janis Plays Moussorgsky - Pictures At An Exhibition

Постављена слика

Release Date: 09/20/1994

Label: Mercury Living Presence  

Catalog #: 434346  

Composer:  Modest Mussorgsky,  Frederic Chopin

Performer: Byron Janis

Conductor: Antal Doráti

Orchestra/Ensemble:  Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra

Number of Discs: 1

Recorded in: Stereo

Length: 01:06:11

Individual Track Details:

1. Pictures at an exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky

Performer:  Byron Janis (Piano)

Period: Romantic

Written: 1874; Russia

Date of Recording: 09/1961

Venue:  Ballroom Studio A, Fine Recording, NY

Length: 29 Minutes 35 Secs.

2. Etudes (12) for Piano, Op. 25: no 3 in F major by Frederic Chopin

Performer:  Byron Janis (Piano)

Period: Romantic

Written: 1836; Paris, France

Date of Recording: 06/07/1962

Venue:  Moscow, Russia

Length: 1 Minutes 37 Secs.

3. Waltzes (3) for Piano, Op. 34: no 2 in A minor, B 64 by Frederic Chopin

Performer:  Byron Janis (Piano)

Period: Romantic

Written: 1831; Poland

Date of Recording: 06/07/1962

Venue:  Moscow, Russia

Length: 4 Minutes 50 Secs.

4. Pictures at an exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky

Conductor:  Antal Doráti

Orchestra/Ensemble:  Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra

Period: Romantic

Written: 1874; Russia

Date of Recording: 04/21/1959

Venue:  Northrop Auditorium, Minneapolis, MN

Length: 29 Minutes 7 Secs.

Notes: Arranger: Maurice Ravel.

@VBR mp3


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Mussorgsky/Ravel: Pictures at an Exhibition

(Von Karajan, Berliner Philharmoniker)

Постављена слика

Album : Pictures at an Exhibition

Composer(s) : Modest Mussorgsky, Maurice Ravel, Claude Debussy

Performers : Herbert von Karajan, Berlminer Philharmoniker

Label: Deutsche Grammophon

Release date : 1966

Number of discs : 1

Total size : 172 MB (mp3), 348 MB (FLAC)

Total time : 01:14:53

Tracks :

  1. La Mer - 1. From Dawn till Noon on the Sea (De l'aube à midi sur la mer) 8:35

  2. La Mer - 2. Play of the Waves (Jeux de vagues) 6:13

  3. La Mer - 3. Dialogue of the Wind and the Sea (Dialogue du vent et de la mer) 7:50

  4. Pictures at an Exhibition - Promenade 1:50

  5. Pictures at an Exhibition - Gnomus 2:44

  6. Pictures at an Exhibition - Promenade 1:14

  7. Pictures at an Exhibition - The Old Castle 4:36

  8. Pictures at an Exhibition - Promenade 0:41

  9. Pictures at an Exhibition - The Tuileries Gardens 1:04

10. Pictures at an Exhibition - Bydlo 2:49

11. Pictures at an Exhibition - Promenade 1:01

12. Pictures at an Exhibition - Ballet of the Chickens in Their Shells 1:12

13. Pictures at an Exhibition - Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle 2:18

14. Pictures at an Exhibition - The Market-place at Limoges 1:26

15. Pictures at an Exhibition - The Catacombs (Sepulchrum romanum) 2:14

16. Pictures at an Exhibition - Cum mortuis in lingua mortua 2:22

17. Pictures at an Exhibition - The Hut on Fowl's Legs (Baba-Yaga) 3:31

18. Pictures at an Exhibition - The Great Gate of Kiev 6:44

19. Boléro 16:09

@ 320 Kbit/s mp3 & FLAC

Here are examples of 'The Karajan Effect' at its most positive, and sounding, in these new transfers, fractionally more open, focused and fresh than before, with the billowing bass moderated and the dynamic range extended. Along with Karajan's own imaginative deployment of orchestral colour (to take one example: the extra gong with barely damped striker at the end of Pictures), the Berlin Jesus-Christus Kirche acoustics of these 1964-6 recordings add their own wonderful coloration and atmosphere (dark and cavernous at appropriate moments in Pictures). The 1980s Berlin Philharmonic DG remakes (in their remastered 'Karajan Gold' format) offer something closer to concert-hall reality (a cleaner more neutral sound) but, on the whole, the imaginative daring and the excited discovery of new realms of creative and technical possibility are missing; certainly the 1980s performances are less given to spontaneous ignition.

For those unfamiliar with these 1960s accounts, Bolero is slow and steady (but Karajan risks floating the early solos), and Pictures is broader and grander than Karajan's previous and subsequent recordings (and most others). But how does one do justice to this La mer in a single sentence? Well, you can either be seduced by some of the most sheerly beautiful orchestral sound ever recorded, or appreciate it for its wide-ranging imagery and its properly mobile pacing; but whichever way you look at it, it is one of the great recorded La mers and one of the classics of the gramophone.

-- John Steane, Gramophone [12/1995]


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Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition

Celibidache, Munchner Philharmoniker

Постављена слика

Album : Mussorgky, Tchaikovsky

Composer(s) : Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky

Performers : Sergiu Celibidache (coductor), Munchner Philharmoniker (Orchestra)

Release date : 1998

Recording date : 1992/1993 (Live)

Label :  EMI Classics

Catalog # : 56516

Number of discs : 1

Genre : Classical

Total size : 171 MB

Total time : 01:14:42

Individual track details :

01 - (Applause) .mp3 1:05

02 - Tchaikovsky - 'Romeo and Juliet' Fantasy Overture after Shakespeare .mp3 27:51:00

03 - (Applause) .mp3 1:08

04 - (Applause) .mp3 1:07

05 - Mussorgsky (orch. Ravel) - 'Pictures at an Exhibition' - Promenade .mp3 2:34

06 - I- Gnomus .mp3 3:31

07 - Promenade .mp3 1:29

08 - II- Vecchio Castello .mp3 5:18

09 - Promenade .mp3 0:45

10 - III- Tuileries .mp3 1:18

11 - IV- Bydlo .mp3 3:43

12 - Promenade .mp3 1:09

13 - V- Ballet des petits poussins dans leurs coques .mp3 1:27

14 - VI- Samuel Goldenberg und Schmuyle .mp3 3:01

15 - VII- Limoges- le marché .mp3 1:37

16 - VIII- Catacombae - Sepulchrum Romanum .mp3 2:33

17 - Cum mortuis in lingua mortua .mp3 2:56

18 - IX- La Cabane de Baba-Yaga sur des pattes de poule .mp3 4:22

19 - X- La Grande Porte de Kiev .mp3 6:52

20 - (Applause) .mp3 0:56

@ 192 Kbit/s mp3


Live recordings from January 1992 (Tchaikovsky) and September 1993 (Mussorgsky). Performed at the Philharmonie am Gasteig, the Munich Philharmonic's residence which was opened on 10 November 1985.


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Jean Guillou, Organ

Mussorgsky - Pictures at an Exhibition

Stravinsky – Three Dances from Petrouchka

Постављена слика

Album : Pictures at an Exhibition

Composer(s) : Mussorgsky, Stravinsky

Performer : Jean Guillou

Release date : 1988

Label :  Dorian

Number of discs : 1

Genre : Classical

Total size : 71,8 MB

Total time : 00:53:01

Individual track details :

Mussorgsky - Pictures At An Exhibition

1. Promenade  

2. Gnomus  

3. Promenade  

4. Il Vecchio Castello (The Ancient Castle)  

5. Promenade  

6. Tuileries (Argument Among the Children)  

7. Bydlo (A Polish Oxcart)  

8. Promenade  

9. Ballet of the Chicks in their Shells  

10. Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle  

11. Promenade  

12. The Market Place at Limoges  

13. Catacombae. Sepulcrum Romanum (Catacombs - Roman Sepulchre); Cum moruis in lingua mortua (Among the  

14. Baba Yaga, The Hut on Fowl's Legs  

15. The Great Gate at Kiev  

Stravinsky – Three Dances from Petrouchka

16. Danse Russe  

17. Chez Petrouchka  

18. Le Semaine Grasse (Shrovetide Week)  

@ VBR mp3

Transcibed and Performed by JEAN GUILLOU, ORGAN

Recorded at the Great Kleuker-Steinmeyer organ of the Tonhalle, Zürich

In composing these musical Pictures, Mussorgsky not only acheived a true synesthetic phenomenon, but also created a completely original sonic architecture, unprecedented and quite independant of any previous mode of musical expression. This uniqueness stems primarily from the motifs used to represent the Pictures which, like the various models that serve as a painter's subjects, are incongruously dissimilar and remain perpetually estranged from one another by virtue of their diversity, yet are linked by the artist's stylistic language. Also in response to the logical necessity to unify the work as a whole, Mussorgsky created a series of interludes entitled "Promenades", the theme of which pervades the entirety of the compositions.

- Jean Guillou - Translated by Lucien Gerber


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Granados Trio

Bilder einer Ausstellung

Постављена слика

Label: FSM  

Catalog #: FCD 97 234  

Composer:  Isaak Albéniz, Enrique Granados, Grete von Zieritz, Modest Mussorgskij

Performer:  Granados Trio

Number of Discs: 1

Date of recording: 14-17.April 1995

Duration: 00:58:16

Individual Track Details:

Isaac Albeniz - Espana, op. 165

01. Preludio (Prelude)

02. Tango

03. Malaguena

04. Serenata

05. Capricho Catalan

06. Zortzico

Enrique Granados - Escenas Poéticas Book 1

07. Berceuse

08. Eva y Walter

09. Danza de la Rosa

Grete von Zieritz

10. Danza fuer drei Gitarren

Modest Mussorgskij - Bilder einer Ausstellung

11. Promenade

12. Gnomus

13. Promenade

14. Il vecchio Castello

15. Promenade

16. Les Tuileries

17. Bydlo

18. Promenade

19. Ballett der unausgeschluepften Kueken

20. Samuel Goldenberg und Schmuyle

21. Promenade

22. Limoges. Le Marche

23. Catacombae

24. Cum mortuis in lingua mortua

25. Die Huette auf Huehnerbeinen (Baba-Jaga)

26. Das Heldentor von Kiew

@320 Kbit/s mp3

Modest Mussorgskijs Pianosuite Pictures at an Exibition belongs certainly to the most frequently arranged works of the so-called classical literature. The contemplation of the original roots of this work animated the Granados Trio to arrange the pictures for their line-up. Remembering that the Pictures at an Exhibition are really a series of piano-miniatures, having structurally more in common with the other piano-cycles on this CD than with the orchestral excesses of the everyday symphony, one can lend an ear in confidence to this version. Inspired by an exhibition of the unpublished works of his suddenly deceased painter-friend Viktor Hartmann, Mussorgskij created in 1874 a cycle of piano compositions, inspired by the ten exhibits.

The composer sub-divided these ten compositions by adding Promenades, short preludes and interludes, which render in a way the observers subjective impressions. Their main theme runs characteristically through the whole work. The actual pictures open for the listener a whole palette of varying moods and nuances of expressions: the very nearly expressionist grotesqueness of Gnomus is relieved by the melancholy sing-song of Vecchio Castello. The francophile and playful Tuileries with their playing and teasing children, contrast to the Russian melancholy of Bydlo, picturing the unspeakable labour of towing the oxencart. The version of the delight Ballett der unausgeschlüpften Küken, brought to attention by nimble pizzicati and playful ponticello, flows into the equally grave and pitiful picture of Samuel Goldenberg und Schmyle - the rich and the poor jew. The market-place from Limoges paints on the other hand a humorous scene, in which the bickering and the nagging of the market women lead on into musical absurdity. The contrast to the following double movement Catacombae and Cum mortuis in lingua mortua could not be greater, a dark musical Memento Mori, which overcomes the listener through layers of discords and through chorale melodylines. With the crack of a whip, the riding witch Baba - Yaga breaks from the solemnity and in one rapid mephistolic ride, carries the listener to the concluding finale - the Heldentor. This majestic construction inspired Mussorgskij to equally splendid and devout tones, until at the climax of the movement the promenade theme realites, and with the original promenade `s festive and optimistic gesture the Pictures at an Exhibition come to an end.

Download links:

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