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  1. Neuroscience and psychology have rendered it basically unnecessary to have a soul By George PaxinosSeptember 23, 2016 Visiting Professor of Psychology and Medical Sciences, University of New South Wales Many people today believe they possess a soul. While conceptions of the soul differ, many would describe it as an “invisible force that appears to animate us.” It’s often believed the soul can survive death and is intimately associated with a person’s memories, passions and values. Some argue the soul has no mass, takes no space and is localized nowhere. But as a neuroscientist and psychologist, I have no use for the soul. On the contrary, all functions attributable to this kind of soul can be explained by the workings of the brain. Psychology is the study of behavior. To carry out their work of modifying behavior, such as in treating addiction, phobia, anxiety and depression, psychologists do not need to assume people have souls. For the psychologists, it is not so much that souls do not exist, it is that there is no need for them. It is said psychology lost its soul in the 1930s. By this time, the discipline fully became a science, relying on experimentation and control rather than introspection. What is the soul? It is not only religious thinkers who have proposed that we possess a soul. Some of the most notable proponents have been philosophers, such as Plato (424-348 BCE) and René Descartes in the 17th century. Plato believed we do not learn new things but recall things we knew before birth. For this to be so, he concluded, we must have a soul. Centuries later, Descartes wrote his thesis Passions of the Soul, where he argued there was a distinction between the mind, which he described as a “thinking substance”, and the body, “the extended substance”. He wrote: One of the many arguments Descartes advanced for the existence of the soul was that the brain, which is a part of the body, is mortal and divisible—meaning it has different parts—and the soul is eternal and indivisible—meaning it is an inseparable whole. Therefore, he concluded they must be different things. But advances in neuroscience have shown these arguments to be false. Stripping humans of the soul In the 1960s, Nobel laureate Roger Sperry showed that the mind and our consciousness are divisible, therefore disproving that aspect of Descartes’ theory. Sperry studied patients whose corpus callosum, the superhighway connecting the right and left hemispheres, had been severed by surgery aiming to control the spread of epileptic seizures. The surgery blocked or reduced the transfer of perceptual, sensory, motor and cognitive information between the two hemispheres. In his effort to prove the existence of the soul in humans, Descartes actually provided an argument against it. Sperry showed each hemisphere could be trained to perform a task, but this experience was not available to the untrained hemisphere. That is, each hemisphere could process information outside the awareness of the other. In essence, this meant the operation produced a double consciousness. Thus, Descartes cannot be correct in his assertion the brain is divisible but the soul, which can be read as the mind or consciousness, is not. In his effort to prove the existence of the soul in humans, Descartes actually provided an argument against it. Rather than investigating rats with souls, psychologists stripped humans of theirs. In 1949, psychologist D.O. Hebb claimed the mind is the integration of the activity of the brain. Many neurophilosophers have come to the same conclusion as the psychologists, with Patricia Churchland more recently claiming there is no ghost in the machine. The brain does it all If the soul is where emotion and motivation reside, where mental activity occurs, sensations are perceived, memories are stored, reasoning takes place and decisions are taken, then there is no need to hypothesize its existence. There is an organ that already performs these functions: the brain. This idea goes back to the ancient physician Hippocrates (460-377 BCE) who said: Consider one of the functions supposedly—if we listen to Plato—carried out by the soul: memory. A major knock on the head can make you lose your memories of the past several years. If the soul is an immaterial substance separate from our physical being, it should not be injured by the knock. If memory were stored in the soul, it should not have been lost.The brain is the organ with a map of our body, the outside world and our experience. Damage to the brain, as in accidents, dementias or congenital malformations, produces a commensurate damage to personality. The neuronal activity in the brain is responsible for the cognitive and emotional dysfunctions in people with autism; it would be cruel and unethical to blame their hypothetical souls. Manipulation of the brain is sufficient to alter emotion and mood. The soul is totally superfluous to this process. The ability of psychotherapeutic drugs to alter mood provides another line of evidence against the presence of the soul. If you produce a chemical imbalance in the brain, such as by depleting dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin with tetrabenazine, you can induce depression in some people. Correspondingly, many depressed people can be helped by drugs that increase the function of these neurotransmitters in the brain. The brain is where thinking takes place, love and hatred reside, sensations become perceptions, personality is formed, memories and beliefs are held, and where decisions are made. As D.K. Johnson said: “There is nothing left for the soul to do.” https://qz.com/789780/neuroscience-and-psychology-have-rendered-it-basically-unnecessary-to-have-a-soul/
  2. Da bas tako upoznavanje srodne duse preko interneta, sta mislite o tome dal je moguce? Ja koliko vidim internet je pun prevara od strane svih koji se predstavljaju kao da su od zlata i najvece dobrice a u stvari su prevara i cinizam. Hajde malo da pojasnimo sustinu srodne duse i upoznavanja.... P.S Nemam nista protiv kada bih nasao srodnu dusu po pitanju dobrote na internetu. Ako bi bilo sudjeno, voleo bih da upoznam jednu svoju a da je pravoslavna, slobodno moze da mi se javi u privatnoj poruci....
  3. JESSY

    Trg bez duše

    Nakon što je konačno završena rekonstrukcija Trga republike, zbog koje su Beograđani doživljavali svakodnevne gužve i kašnjenja, odlučio sam da odem i pogledam kako sada izgleda centralni gradski trg. Prvi utisak mi je bio da se nalazim na ogromnom prostoru na kome „nešto nedostaje“. Kada sam malo bolje razmislio shvatio sam da „mnogo toga nedostaje“ odnosno da izuzev spomenika knezu Mihailu Obrenoviću na Trgu republike više nema ništa od nekadašnjih prepoznatljivih sadržaja. Nestala je fontana „Pod brezom“, na kojoj su postojale klupe, omiljeno mesto za odmor prolaznika i ljudi koji su čekali gradski prevoz na obližnjoj stanici. Uklonjen je i „MIlenijumski sat“, uobičajeno mesto za okupljanje omladine za izlazak u grad vikendom kao i velike betonske žardinjere oivičene klupama koje su služile kao odmorište umornim prolaznicima. Bez tih sadržaja Trg republike je besmisleno, brutalno i nepotrebno pretvoren u ogromnu površinu na kojoj nema gotovo ničega. Oni koji su osmislili ovakav izgled centralnog gradskog trga tvrde da je to zato što „trg i treba da bude veliki i širok“ i onda se navode primeri trgova iz Moskve, Londona, Brisela, Praga i tako dalje. Problem je u tome što navedene trgove okružuju znatno veće graževine ili spomenici nego što je slučaj sa Trgom republike pa se u njihovom slučaju gubi osećaj praznine koji je sada i te kako prisutan na centralnom beogradskom trgu. Takođe, kompletnom promenom izgleda Trga republike oni koji su ga kreirali ličili su ga sadržaja koji su bili deo ne samo njegove već i istorije i prepoznatljivosti celog Beograda. Sviđalo se to čelnicima grada ili ne, fontana, žardinjere pa čak i „Milenijumski sat“ su bili nešto po čemu su i trg i grad bili prepoznatljivi. Međutim, problem je u tome što to čelnike Beograda i vlast u Srbiji ne zanima uopšte. Oni ne vrše rekonstrukciju centralnih gradskih ulica već kompletno menjaju dosadašnji izgled grada. To je bio slučaj sa Cvetnim trgom (na kome ima svega sem cveća), zatim Trgom Slavija ( koji „krasi“ nezgrapna fontana kojoj se građani smeju), to je sada slučaj sa Trgom republike a ista sudbina čeka i Trg Nikole Pašića. Dugo sam se pitao otkud aktuelnim vlastima taj poriv da kada je reč o izgledu grada sve menjaju iz korena. I konačno sam shvatio. Pored toga što smatraju da je sve urađeno pre njih „nebitno i nedovoljno dobro“ oni tumače da će ruženjem starog i građenjem novog (koje neopravdano smatraju i „lepšim“) „uči u istoriju“ kao „neimari Beograda i ljudi koji su ostavili neizbrisiv trag kada je reč o njegovom izgledu“. Gradski čelnici ne samo da nemaju ukusa, ne osećaju dušu grada, ne razumeju šta Beograđane čini srećnim već su zbog svoje megalomanije i da imaju čime da se pohvale u predizbornoj kampanji zagorčali život sugrađanima kontraporduktivnim radovima na više lokacija u gradu. Ova vlast će zaista biti zapamćena u istoriji ali ne po onome što očekuje već po tome kako ne treba raditi ako voliš svoj grad. https://www.danas.rs/kolumna/gojko-vlaovic/trg-bez-duse/

Све поруке на форуму, осим званичних саопштења Српске Православне Цркве, су искључиво лична мишљења чланова форума 'Живе Речи Утехе' и уредништво не сноси никакву материјалну и кривичну одговорност услед погрешних информација. Објављивање информација са сајта у некомерцијалне сврхе могуће је само уз навођење URL адресе дискусије. За све друге видове дистрибуције потребно је имати изричиту дозволу администратора Поука.орг и/или аутора порука.  Коментари се на сајту Поуке.орг објављују у реалном времену и Администрација се не може сматрати одговорним за написано.  Забрањен је говор мржње, псовање, вређање и клеветање. Такав садржај ће бити избрисан чим буде примећен, а аутори могу бити пријављени надлежним институцијама. Чланови имају опцију пријављивања недоличних порука, те непримерен садржај могу пријавити Администрацији. Такође, ако имате проблема са регистрацијом или заборављеном шифром за сајтове Поуке.орг и Црква.нет, пошаљите нам поруку у контакт форми да Вам помогнемо у решавању проблема.

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