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  1. Mi cekamo taj trenutak koji nikada nece doci jos od okupacije od Turaka. da se Rusija ista pita, istocna Srbija bi bila Bugarska; toliko o tome.
  2. Koliko je samo dvolicno i odvratno citati sta Rusija misli o bilo cemu sto ima veze sa srpskim narodom. da su nas branili barem 20 odsto koliko su stali u odbranu Sirije, danas bi na Kosovu bila srpska vojska. da su nas branili samo jedan odsto koliko ih je Srbija volela danas bi sarajevo bilo srpsko.
  3. Koliko god mi se gadila ova crveno crna koalcija na vlasti; kako bi bilo da Bosko pogleda sopstveno dvoriste: osvojio 1 odsto glasova na izborima. Da ga pozovemo da prihvati realnost i postedi nas svog misljenja koje je potpuno irelevantno za narod kome pretenduje da bude lider.
  4. Mozda da ipak prihvatimo misljenje nadleznih crkvenih otaca za Kosovo ( nasih vladika dole i patrijarha koji u titulu ima o ono Pecki ) umesto onih koji iz topline svojih domova daleko od kosova im govore sta da urade pa da sledece godine budu izbeglice u Kragujevcu? E moj brate; zar ti sve ono od 1992 na ovamo nije dalo nijednu lekciju ili si suvise mlad da shvatis neke stvari.
  5. Strasno je Milose BG sto ni posle mog komenara nisi ukapirao sta hocu da kazem: ova naci grupa Mladena Obradovica je uz precutnu saglasnost Vuciceve vlasti ovo uradila. Vlada sada ima potpuni legitimitet da pusti niz vodu nasu bracu na kosovu ( onu istu nasu bracu koju ovi tvoji drugari iz Beograda pred njihovim kucama prozivaju sip[tarima, pljuju i vredjaju kada odu na dvodnevni placeni izlet na Kosovo) . Njemu su sada potpuno ruke oslobodjene; jer moze uvek da kaze da su srbi dole izabrali sami put i odustali od njegovog saveta. A vama Obrazovcima i inima posto vec znamo nista ne znaci patrijarhov poziv i savet jer zaBoga svi znamo da je "on izdajnik" jelte; covek pomisli da cete imati makar trunku ljudskosti u sebi i postedeti te nesretnike dole na Kosovu vase naci politike; ali ne ni to cak ne moze; otici dole pred njih i vredjati ih i zastrasivati i prebijati prelazi sve granice. To je toliko sokantno da ove sve sa snimka treba identifikovati i Zabelisati na duze vreme. Neka Gospod sacuva preostali nas narod na Kosovu; a onima koji su prodali siptarima svoja imanja i sada iz Kragujevca ili Zemuna "srbuju" bolje da cute.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Z1CgddOpgWU Umesto sto citate dss udbaske lazi koje postira Nedeljko i slicni njima pogledajte sta se dole zaista desava; Udbaski i naci likovi dosli iz Beograda i okoline plase ove nesretne srbe koji zive dole a koji pokusavaju na sve nacine da prezive na svojoj pradedovskoj zemlji. Ovo je inace win win situacija za Vucica: ima opravdanje da pusti ove dole srbe niz vodu pricom da im je savetovao da izadju na izbore; a naci banda moze da opravda svoju ulogu za ovce koje ne kapiraju da su placeni da prave nemire dole. Jedini koji ce da nastradaju ce biti preostali srbi na Kosovu ( citaj krajisnici i z3 plan).
  7. Zeebedee

    + Irinej: Bog, pa Rusija

    Bog pa Rusija, pa karici; Vucic; i tamo negde na kraju dodje Srbija
  8. By the way awesome place for those who want to learn about history of Orthodox Church in the USA (orthodoxhistory.org) Last month, I did a podcast on the attempt to form a pan-Orthodox parish in Chicago in 1888. (You can also read a post about it here.) That attempt failed, and in 1892, separate Greek and Russian parishes were founded in Chicago. The Greek church was founded in April, under the jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Athens, and with Fr Panagiotis (Peter) Phiambolis as the priest. Then, in May, a second parish was created as a part of the Russian diocese of the Aleutian Islands. It was called ”St Nicholas,” and its priest was Fr Ambrose Vretta. Not long after this, Independence Day was celebrated, and the St Nicholas parish community joined in the festivities. Here is an article that appeared in the Chicago Tribune on July 5, 1892: Probably the most unique celebration of the day, as it was one of the most earnest, took place in the Graeco-Slavonian Church, No. 20 North Peoria street, yesterday afternoon. Members of the Greek faith in this city gathered there at 11 o’clock and with a monk of high order in picturesque vestments at the altar the mass or liturgy of Servian freedom was recited and applied to the natal day of American independence. The religious features of the services throughout were the same as those employed in Servia to commemorate the independence of that country, and the vestments worn by the celebrant were white and gold, symbolic in Slavonian churches of freedom won and enjoyed. The church is known as that of St. Nicholas, but externally has nothing to indicate that it is a sacred edifice. The building is a two-story and high basement frame and the first floor is the church. On the end fronting the street the altar is placed, and in its symbols and decorations, resembles that of a modest Catholic church. When services are not in progress it is hidden by curtained partitions extending some distance from each wall, and in the center, where the altar steps begin, are two swinging doors, surmounted with a golden cross, and over that a silken curtain depending from near the ceiling. Except this altar space or sanctuary, the church is simply furnished, there being nothing to relieve its plainness and lack of suggestiveness but a few religious pictures on the walls. The pastor of this church, the celebrant of yesterday’s services, which were in the nature of a Te Deum, is Fermillian, an Archmandrite of the Graeco-Slavonian Church, or a monk of high order, of which he was at one time the head or chief. He is a man of about 40 years, with a strong face and high forehead, framed in a heavy head of hair and full black whiskers. His eyes are kindly and his manner dignified and courteous. He speaks several languages fluently, but not English. He was rector of a theological school in Belgrade and had charge of the education of young King Alexander of Servia and resided in the royal palace. Being a monk he is not married. Priests of the Greek Church are permitted to marry, but by doing so are debarred from reaching any higher clerical dignity than that of the priesthood. After the conclusion of the services, which were in the Slavonian language, the Archmandrite delivered an address, in which he spoke enthusiastically of the freedom of this country and the benefits it confers upon those of his own and other races who were the victims of oppression. He drew a parallel between the struggles of the United States and Servia. This happy land had won its liberties in one war, while Servia had been fighting for over 500 years and yet only a portion of the Slavic race was free. Bosnia, Herzegovinia, Macedonia, Dalmatia, and other States are still the victims of Turkish and Austrian tyranny. Only 3,000,000 Slavs are free in Servia and Montenegro and 4,000,000 are still in bondage. But he had hopes that a united Slavic nation would yet be like the United States, free and independent and happy. It was a glorious privilege, he said, to live in a land of liberty like this. This Greek church on Peoria street is the first one of that faith established in Chicago, and it has been in existence scarcely two months. The Slavonians and Greeks here organized the Christian Orthodox Association about a year ago and sent a petition to the Metropolitan of Servia for a pastor. He complied with their request and sent them Fermillian the Archmandrite. The church now numbers about 175 members, and every Sunday additions are made to the roll. The intention is to begin the erection of a new and handsome church before long, and the expectation is that, at any rate, it will be completed for the World’s Fair and will be open for the reception and worship of Greek Chrsitians from every quarter. Given that the Fourth of July has just passed, I thought it appropriate to post this article. But it also raises some questions. The Archimandrite Fermillian mentioned by the Tribune was apparently under the Serbian Church, and was sent to be the pastor of St Nicholas parish in Chicago. But the very same St Nicholas parish had been founded just two months earlier under the Russian Church, under the leadership of the Russian priest Fr Ambrose Vretta. And we know that Fr Vretta continued to serve in Chicago. So what was a Serbian archimandrite doing in the “Russian” church in Chicago? I can only guess at this point, but here’s my theory. The Orthodox community in Chicago consisted primarily of Greeks and Serbs, with only a minority of Russians. The Greeks formed their own parish and got a priest from Athens. The Serbs seem to have requested a priest from Serbia in 1891. However, they were also in contact with the Russian authorities, and in May 1892, this culminated with the founding of St Nicholas church. But, communication being what it was in those days, the Serbian Church probably still sent Archimandrite Fermillian, who arrived in time to celebrate that distinctive Independence Day service. Since arrangements had already been made with the Russians, he probably returned to Serbia a short time after this. While I can’t prove all that, what this confusion does demonstrate is the jurisdictionally chaotic nature of early American Orthodoxy. From one Orthodox community came two parishes, involving four ecclesiastical authorities — Russia, Greece, Serbia, and the Ecumenical Patriarchate (the latter having also been contacted by the Chicago Orthodox in 1891). But, all that aside, the most interesting thing about the above Tribune article is how the Chicago Orthodox were attempting to embrace American life while retaining their Orthodox faith. They wanted to celebrate Independence Day, but they wanted more than fireworks, speeches, and parades. They wanted something distinctively Orthodox, and their solution was rather ingenious — to adapt a Serbian Independence Day service for use in America. And they were serious about it; the Tribune says that the Orthodox celebration “was one of the most earnest.” I don’t know if this practice continued, but it demonstrates a remarkable fusion of American and Orthodox. Update: In the comments, “Linnapaw” posted a link to a page on the website of Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Chicago. It includes the following note: 1892 – Archimandrite Firmilian Drazich, later to become Metropolitan of Skoplje, visits Chicago from April until September. Fr. Drazich has the distinction of being the first Serbian Orthodox priest to serve the Orthodox liturgy in Chicago (in a rented hall). Three Cathedrals in Chicago — Annunciation Greek, Holy Trinity Russian and Holy Resurrection Serbian—herald their beginnings from this common chapel. As I said in the comments, while there was no formal Orthodox parish (and no resident priest) in Chicago until the Greek church was founded in April 1892, we know that there was a lay Orthodox organization prior to this, and it is certainly possible that they had a chapel. By the time Archimandrite Firmilian came along, the Greeks had already started their own parish, but the rest of the Orthodox community may have continued to use the earlier chapel. The Serbs didn’t get their own church in Chicago until 1905. But long before that (beginning in 1881), they had an organization called the “Serbian-Montenegrin Charitable Institution,” which was renamed “Jedinstvo” in 1894. When Archimandrite Firmilian visited Chicago in 1892, he gave the group vestments and a chalice, and when the Serbian church was founded in 1905, Jedinstvo donated the holy objects to the new parish. It would be interesting to know whether the Serbian cathedral still has these objects.
  9. A na nasu sramotu i jadnost imamo srpske vladike koje podrzavaju ovu raskolnicku bandu u Makedoniji i ne postoji niko ko sme da im kaze da prestanu sa tim.
  10. Ne kaze se zalud Cutanje je zlato. Njemu pod hitno zabtaniti da daje bilo kakve izjave za bilo koji medij.
  11. To me ne bi cudilo; od onog Diploma bandita. U svakom slucaju dobio je sto je zasluzio; a Trebinjski papucari na celu sa predsednikom opstine su najveca sramota tog grada.
  12. Daleko je Vuk od Popovog polja, iz gatackih brda. Seselj je hrvat. Vladika Grigorije je najbolji politicar u SPC i covek sa najrealisticnijim pogledom na svet.
  13. Ne znam Otkud da grci ne priznaju i da moras "otpocetka"; obde u USA su sve jurisdikcije grcka, srpska, antiohijska itd saglasne da se samo obavlja sveta tajna miropazanja
  14. Naravno kampanji protiv SPC pridruzila su i uvek rezimu bliska udbaska novina Novosti; odmila poznate kao "go..osti"; na cijem se celu odnedavno nalazi dugogdisnji saradnik UDBE jos iz doba najcrnjeg komunizma Ratko Dmitrovic. Za njega to nisu prvi napadi na SPC: po tome se isticao u doba SM rezima a posebno je kulminirao dok je doticni bio urednik Frankfurtskih vesti koje je od patriotskih novina preobratio u glavnu polugu razdora u SPC; Vesti su podrzavale sve raskole i napade na SPC od Artemija, do nekih nesretnika u Australiji, crnogoraca, makedonaca....
  15. Sve sto si rekao je tacno. Diplomislav je nazvao patrijarsiju i rekao da dolazi; ocekujuci neki veliki docek. da ne govorimo da su navodno i na to kasnili sat i po. Inace nedavno je ovamo u USA u posetu dolazio Koferce Dacic. Iz beograda je poslana shoping delegacija na dve nedelje pre "da pripreme dolazak" koferceta. Dan pre njegovog dolaska zvali su okolne crkve da im pozajme zastavu posto im pre nije palo napamet da bi ustvari sem shopinga ista drugo trebali da rade. I slazem se Tito je vise postovao patrijarsiju i srpske epiksope od radikala bez bedzeva.
  16. Posle izjava o srbima u RSrpskoj, diplomislavu se trebao zabraniti cak i dolazak u RS a ne da se docekuje kao predsednik. Poredjenje sa nekakvom situacijom u Decanima ti je glupo jer je Radosavljevic nekome zabranio ulazak u manastir a ovde kao sto vidimo Diplomislavu samo nisu postavili crveni tepih a niko mu nije branio da dodje. Istina nadam se da ce oribati i okaditi put kojim je prosao kao onomad u Hilandsru posle Slobe.
  17. To sto je Vladika Grigorije rekao da bi Tadic visio na trgu da je uradio sta su uradila ova dva radikalska bandita i hostaplera je ziva istina.Tadic je za mnogo manje stvari nazivan izdajnikom a sada bi ste da nas ubedite da je ovaj lazni vojvoda patriJota. uostalom kao sto vas je ubedio da ste pobedili 1999 godine. Ja sam kad je pobedio napisao da su tadica i DS menjudanrodna zajednica pustili niz vodu da ovi objasne srbima da je Kosovo davno predano i da smo rat izgubili. Naravno Vucicu i Diplomislavu je vlast draza od ovog ponizenja u koje ste stavljaju. A tvoj nacin " Bog voli Tadica" je izvadjen iz konteksta i tome sam pricao.
  18. Naravno sad ce Diplomislav privatni list Kurir da odradi kampanju protiv Vladike.Danas su vec poceli.
  19. @ Milos BG: Ako je neko licemeran i maliciozan onda si ti, sa izvrtanjem reci Vladike Grigorija.
  20. Ako vec nije dobio odgovor od Eparhije nakon sto ih je navodno obavestio da ce svratiti onda nije trebao da svraca. Uostalom neka se gospodin Diplomislav zapita zasto cini sve da preko svoje tajne sluzbe pokusa da unisti ugled hercegovackog episkopa.Mislim otkud mu ideja da episkop treba da doceka coveka koji je kupio diplomu fakulteta i tako postao kriminalac i lopov. A ideja da doticni dobije nekakvu povelju grada je toliko smesna da je tesko ista reci. Njega bi Ducic tako najurio iz grada da mu vise nikada ne bi palo napamet da svrati u Hercegovinu.
  21. I potpuno se salzem sa tobom da deca od starta treba da uce strani jezik; ali to svakako nije ruski; vec bi trebao biti izbor roditelja. Ovog lika pod hitno poslati nazad u Rusiju pa nek tamo radi svoje eksperimente.
  22. Ne trazi on da se uci ruski; vec da ceo sistem bude dvojezican i da od starta deca rade na ruskom jeziku. A zasto je ruski inferioran u odnosu na engleski; mislim da ne vredi ni objasnjavati; hteli mi to ili ne; ukoliko hocemo da nam se deca usavrsavaju u svetu i budu sposobna da napreduju u poslu morace da znaju engleski kao jezik kojim se govori u poslovnom svetu. Posle engleskog rekao bih da je u Srbiji najbitniji nemacki jer veliki broj srba zavrsi na nemackom govornom podrucju ; bas kao sto je to u Americi Spanski i tako dalje. Ruski je potreban za nekoliko hiljada srpskih gradjevinara a i njima ne nesto posebno jer za vrstu posla koji obavljaju dovvoljan je i srpski i razumevanje ruskog.
  23. Lepo je covek objasnio decake na zanat a devojcice da se uce da sisaju. i naravno da uce ruski jezik.I naravno krasnopis.Mogo bi gos'n direktor da od sopstvenih para otvori svoj eksperiment a batali se posla u drzavnom vrticu.
  24. Da li ti razlikujes homoseksualizam i pedofiliju? Drugo, anastasija odobrava drigima da imaju sopstveno seksualno opredeljenje i ne veruje da hriscani treba da iz zlostavljaju; kao sto ni ti ne bi recimo voleo da ti oni zabrane da verujes.
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