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  1. "Some people find it offensive that I say Trump is no worse than his predecessors. I find it offensive that they ignore the barbarism of Trump’s predecessors." "Biden will probably be the next US president unless something drastic happens (which of course is always possible), and anti-imperialists are at least somewhat aware that this will likely mean an increase in military interventionism and cold war escalations. We should all start getting real and preparing for that. I guarantee that anyone who’s made a thorough study of opposing US imperialism suspects it will get worse, maybe a lot worse, under Biden and his ventriloquist team. But they’re afraid to say so because being perceived as supporting the Trump disaster can hurt your reputation." "Mentally replace every news headline about every US-targeted government with “Nation Insists On Its Own Financial, Economic, Resource and/or Military Sovereignty”. You’ll get a much more accurate picture of what’s going on." None Of The World’s Worst People Are In Prison: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix | by Caitlin Johnstone | Aug, 2020 | Medium MEDIUM.COM Exactly zero of the world’s worst people are in prison.
  2. Kada bi ovo bilo tačno onda bi nagenocidniji ( i to prema svom narodu ) bio Vladimir Putin, jer ministar zdravlja koga je on lično postavio na tu funkciju izjavljuje da Rusi planiraju masovnu vakcinaciju stanovništva već u oktobru. http://vesti-gazeta.com/rusija-info/3158-ruska-vakcina-protiv-korone-bice-registrovana-12-avgusta.html
  3. NOŠENjE MASKI ČUVA OD VIRUSA KORONA: Posle istraživanja američki naučnici dokazali WWW.NOVOSTI.RS DA nošenje maski može da spreči širenje korona virusa potvrdilo je novo istraživanje koje je pokazalo da zaraženi američki frizeri... Ovo je dokaz da ne treba slušati samozvane eksperte koji tvrde da maske ne treba nositi
  4. Razlika između nošenja i nenošenja maski je ogromna - ovo je dokaz (video) WWW.KRSTARICA.COM Utvrđeno je i koja maska pruža najbolju zaštitu (video)
  5. If Anyone Doubts Whether Masks Work, Just Look At This Microbiologist's Demonstration WWW.BUZZFEED.COM He tested sneezing, talking, singing, and coughing with a mask and without one. ČVRST DOKAZ DA MASKE ŠTITE OD VIRUSA: Naučnik jednim eksperimentom pokazao da su mere ipak efikasne (FOTO) | Najnovije vesti - Srbija danas WWW.SRBIJADANAS.COM Jedan naučnik je na slikovit način prikazao učinkovitost maske u borbi protiv Kovida-19. . Najnovije vesti iz Srbije - Online vesti...
  6. fsa

    Da li Amerika klizi u haos

    The painful truth about Covid and the economy – Trump is to blame | Coronavirus outbreak | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Lies about the economy are as dangerous as lies about the virus. Thanks to the Republicans, millions are about to be hurt
  7. fsa

    Da li Amerika klizi u haos

    Why has the US attitude toward China changed so profoundly? The origins lie in the 2008 financial crisis. The relatively stable and benign period of US-China relations between 1972 and 2016 was underpinned by two American assumptions. First, China would never pose a threat to the US' global economic dominance; and second, China's rise would become unsustainable unless it adopted a Western-style political system. Neither of these things happened. On the contrary, the financial crisis took place in the US, not in China, and China's political system has proved highly successful and sustainable. The 2008 crisis led to the undermining of support in the American governing elite for its previous policy toward China. A growing mood of hegemonic angst concerning China took hold in the US. China was increasingly seen as a threat to the US' global dominance, a process that culminated in US President Donald Trump's election in 2016 and China coming to be seen as the enemy. It is abundantly clear that the US cannot accept any threat to its global hegemony. The US as number one is regarded as fundamental to its DNA. But this is unsustainable. https://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1196407.shtml
  8. fsa

    Da li Kina kreće nizbrdo?

    Ever since the Trump administration launched an ugly trade war against China in late 2018, his government has been drumming up "decoupling" and urging US businesses to move back home and create manufacturing jobs in America. But, his call seems to have mostly fallen on deaf ears. To date, all large US companies continue to operate in the Chinese market. Just ask the executives of General Motors, Tesla, Apple, Honeywell, Qualcomm and Microsoft why they continue to investment in China, and the answer is simple and persuasive - China's market is colossal and still growing, and none are willing to leave. And, these businesses are helping to diffuse claims by Trump's lieutenants, including China hawks such as Mike Pompeo and Peter Navarro, that China is an abuser of human rights. They know too well how just many people in the US have succumbed to the coronavirus which continues to spread in America, while China's government continues to take all-out, coordinated measures to clamp down on new outbreaks wherever they erupt in the country - in Beijing, Urumqi or Dalian. To protect people's lives no matter the cost is the most important human rights of any country. https://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1196333.shtml
  9. fsa

    Da li Kina kreće nizbrdo?

    Историјска низбрдица: Удео долара у трговини између Кине и Русије први пут испод 50 одсто http://fakti.org/quo-vadis-orbi-istorijska-nizbrdica-udeo-dolara-u-trgovini-izmedju-kine-i-rusije-prvi-put-ispod-50-odsto https://www.standard.rs/2020/08/02/goldman-saks-dolar-bi-uskoro-mogao-izgubiti-status-glavne-svetske-valute/ https://mina.news/mina-business/dolar-oslabio-sestu-sedmicu-uzastopno/ https://www.forbes.com/sites/johntamny/2020/07/31/gold-at-1900-signals-a-decades-long-economy-sapping-devaluation-of-the-dollar/#560b0cbc287e
  10. fsa

    Da li Kina kreće nizbrdo?

    Honestly, American's Couldn't Care Less About Hong Kong By Andre Vltchek Honestly, American's Couldn't Care Less About Hong Kong WWW.OPEDNEWS.COM I just spent two weeks in the United States, investigating, analyzing the situation there. In several of my reports, I... The deeper the crisis in the United States, the more aggressive Trump's administration was attacking Beijing, often via Hong Kong. As if desperately searching for a culprit, for an excuse, for justification, why North America has been shaking so violently, why it has been cracking and collapsing. Unwilling to take responsibility, the regime needed a foreign 'element' which it could accuse, to blame for broken pavement all over Manhattan, for tents erected by homeless people at many corners of the District of Colombia, for once modern and proud metro-rail of the capital city which was lately beginning to resemble a transportation system in some poor developing country. The regime needed to blame someone else for so much dissatisfaction, indignation, and confusion. And it was determined to produce an ideological enemy whom it could insult on a daily basis while escaping liability for scandalously inept management of the COVID-19 tragedy. China! Trump's index finger kept pointing towards the mighty dragon of the east. Embargo after embargo, sanctions after sanctions were imposed. China's Communist Party members were banned from entering the United States. Trade restriction walls have been growing higher and higher. U.S. Navy ships were sailing, provoking China, right next to its shores. Millions of dollars were dispersed among the brutal rioters in SAR, just in order to provoke authorities and spread chaos. Hong Kong, particularly its new national security law, has been sitting on the front pages of U.S. newspapers and magazines. The law, which this author and many of his colleagues described on several occasions as an absolutely normal, logical and necessary piece of legislation, was selected by Washington as its rallying cry, as a symbol of the anti-Chinese policy. However, antagonizing foreign countries, as well as the United Nations, is always cheap, one could say vulgar, but very effective political 'move' before the elections. Many U.S. presidents were using it in the past. Some even went to wars or overthrew foreign governments, killed thousands of innocent people. All this has nothing to do with the principles or ethics. Do not search for logic, either.
  11. fsa

    Da li Kina kreće nizbrdo?

    "Kina razbija, Amerika će početi da gubi zbog svoje samodovoljnosti", rekao je osnivač "Tesle" i milijarder Ilon Mask usred tenzija između dve velike sile. "Kina razbija, Amerika će početi da gubi" WWW.B92.NET
  12. fsa

    Da li Kina kreće nizbrdo?

    Šta je razlog za Pompeov ekstremistički govor o Kini? Pompeu odgovara kinesko Ministarstvo spoljnih poslova, zatvarajući generalni konzulat SAD u gradu Čengdu, uz ocenu da je pokušaj Amerike da „pokrene novi krstaški rat protiv Kine u globalizovanom svetu uzaludan kao i pokušaj mrava da protrese drvo“. Kina je, ukazuje se, „postala druga svetska ekonomija bez rata, kolonijalizma ili ropstva“, dok SAD, „za svojih nešto više od 240 godina istorije, samo 16 godina nisu provele u ratu… I ko je onda prava pretnja svetu?“ ----- „Kinezi su za sada dosta suzdržani i, iako ne izbegavaju da odgovore na američke provokacije, ne žele otvorenu konfrontaciju. Uprkos svemu, oni i dalje ostavljaju odškrinuta vrata za saradnju i miroljubive odnose, jer joj je upravo to potrebno za dalji razvoj.“ Naime, objašnjava Korkodelović, „Kinu i njeno rukovodstvo sukobi odvlače od glavnih ciljeva, a to su eliminisanje siromaštva do kraja ove godine i dostizanje statusa umereno razvijene države 2021, a do 2049. i razvijene države u svakom pogledu. Kini je, zato, i te kako potrebno narednih 20 do 30 godina mira, i ona nikako ne želi da bude uzročnik bilo kakvih sukoba.“ „Kina ne želi eskalaciju sukoba i poziva Ameriku da se njihovi odnosi vrate u normalne tokove umesto da se dalje zaoštravaju… Fokusirana na sopstveni razvoj, Kina nema ni vremena ni želje ni potrebe da se bavi pokušajem uspostavljanja globalne hegemonije svoje ‘marksističko-lenjinističke ideologije’, kao što je optužuje Majk Pompeo,“ komentariše Zoran Đorđević. Pa ipak, „u Americi sazreva uverenje da mora da reaguje i da suzbije Kinu dok nije kasno, ako za to već nije prekasno. I zato će“, predviđa Borislav Korkodelović, „dalje kresanje veza između SAD i zapadnog sveta s jedne strane, i Kine s druge, biće nastavljeno u pokušaju obuzdavanja kineskog napretka i okruživanja Kine. A to je svojevrsni nastavak strategije ‘skoka u Aziju’ koja je formulisana kada je Hilari Klinton bila na čelu Stejt departmenta.“ ----- Veliko je pitanje, međutim, može li Zapad da priušti i potpuni prekid veza s Kinom, na šta pored ostalih ukazuje i Kerolin Ferbern, generalna direktorka Konfederacije britanske industrije (CBI), koja u autorskom tekstu u Fajnenšel tajmsu piše da „Ujedinjeno kraljevstvo ne može da priušti da se samoizoluje od Kine“ koja je „najsnažniji motor globalnog rasta“, i ukazuje da će „naši globalni takmaci iskoristiti prilike u Kini ako Ujedinjeno kraljevstvo to ne učini“. Štaviše, magazin Vajerd u jednom nedavnom tekstu navodi i da su za eventualno „premeštanje lanaca proizvodnje (preseljavanje fabrika iz Kine) potrebne hiljade milijardi dolara – novac koji vlade i kompanije nemaju“, i, da bi to potvrdio, ukazuje na nedavnu studiju „Mekinzi globalnog instituta“ po kojoj je „Kina postala još centralnija za skoro svaku industrijsku granu u poslednjih pet godina“. „Sve su ovo razlozi zbog kojih je teško zamisliti da bi moglo da dođe do konačnog razlaza i drastičnog sečenja veza između Kine i Zapada“, konstatuje Zoran Đorđević, i zaključuje: „Iako svi incidenti koje vidimo u poslednje vreme zaista ukazuju na želju za daljom eskalacijom napetosti, teško da će Majk Pompeo uspeti u svojoj nameri da stvori nekakav čvršći savez protiv Kine, upravo iz tog prostog razloga što i Britanci, i Francuzi, Nemci… imaju i te kakve koristi od saradnje s Kinom. Koja uz to ima izuzetno razvijene, kako ekonomske tako i političke i vojne odnose sa Rusijom, pa je bilo kakva pomisao na izolaciju Kine unapred osuđena na neuspeh.“ Šta je razlog za Pompeov ekstremistički govor o Kini? - Novi Standard WWW.STANDARD.RS Kina je, prema Pompeu, kriva za sve – od pandemije, preko „represije u Hongkongu i Sinkjangu“ do gubitaka radnih mesta u...

Све поруке на форуму, осим званичних саопштења Српске Православне Цркве, су искључиво лична мишљења чланова форума 'Живе Речи Утехе' и уредништво не сноси никакву материјалну и кривичну одговорност услед погрешних информација. Објављивање информација са сајта у некомерцијалне сврхе могуће је само уз навођење URL адресе дискусије. За све друге видове дистрибуције потребно је имати изричиту дозволу администратора Поука.орг и/или аутора порука.  Коментари се на сајту Поуке.орг објављују у реалном времену и Администрација се не може сматрати одговорним за написано.  Забрањен је говор мржње, псовање, вређање и клеветање. Такав садржај ће бити избрисан чим буде примећен, а аутори могу бити пријављени надлежним институцијама. Чланови имају опцију пријављивања недоличних порука, те непримерен садржај могу пријавити Администрацији. Такође, ако имате проблема са регистрацијом или заборављеном шифром за сајтове Поуке.орг и Црква.нет, пошаљите нам поруку у контакт форми да Вам помогнемо у решавању проблема.

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