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Paradoksologija је имао/ла садржај са највише реакција!

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    There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.
  • Рођендан 04/13/1982

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  1. Last Supper

    My friends, I have desired

    To eat this meal among you

    It’s the last time we’re together

    Before I go


    One will betray me

    The other will deny me

    To prison they will take me

    To the cross they will nail me


    The cock will crow and the tears will flow

    Tomorrow I will die and you’ll be free



    I will not leave you here alone

    To do it on your own

    I’ll send my Spirit to be with you

    When I’m gone


    Do not fall asleep

    For I need you when I weep

    I feel alone, I need my friends tonight

    Don’t sleep


    Later they will take me

    Hurt me, hit me, break me

    But now I am with you

    To hold you in my hands


    So drink the wine, for I love you,

    eat the bread, I’ll be among you,

    Later, I am sure, you’ll understand


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    2. Плутон


      Хвала. :)
      Штета што не објављује, ова је баш лепа.

      Неврдлес, ако може њено име (да не штрчи празно у мојој велелепној музичкој библиотеци)?

    3. Paradoksologija


      Mariecke van den Berg, ima jedan video na jutjubu ;)

    4. Paradoksologija


      Mislim na video Road less traveled, to je kantri du'ovna muzikica, ostalo su predavanja :D

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