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The Constitution of Liberty - F.A. Hayek 1.0.0

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A masterpiece among Hayek's works, a book whose ideas influenced Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan in creating their policies and launching the neoliberal economic thought into practical politics in the 1980's. Far from being a dry economics textbook, The Constitution of Liberty tackles even political and philosophical subjects regarding the liberty of the individual, about the fundaments and importance of the rule of law, inalienable human rights, the importance of customs and traditions and the consequences and dangers of a tyrannical society. Hayek delivers several ingenious insights into various types of topics, albeit taking too hard line a stance on certain topics out of fear of the spread of communism ( the book was written in 1960 ). It's a huge book, a long read, but the style of writing and concise thoughts make it easy to go through. A must-read for economics enthusiasts.

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